Project Management

Harris works with everyone from the builder to the general contractor and homeowners to provide complete project management. The scope of the project also includes working with specialty contractors such as electrical, lighting, flooring and others.

If we come on board during the architectural planning stage, through our design experience, we sometimes are able to offer minor suggestions to the drawings which can make the home more functional. Changing a room by two feet one way or the other may make all the difference in the feel of the project.

We hold team meetings with the builder and homeowner numerous times during the project. Harris and the builder collaborate on developing a complete project schedule to make sure the process stays on time and is within budget.  Some of the simplest of tasks may not take much planning, but when it comes to choosing and ordering cabinets, selecting furniture and fixtures, and delivery, ample lead-time must be planned.  Everyone on the project must be dedicated to the same schedule to ensure the overall timely delivery of the project.

We understand the importance of working with the professionals and specialty contractors and let them do what they do best. Through our experience, we have been able to build trust and respect as we work together to accomplish the various stages of each project.

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