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Concept to Completion

Our ability is to help clients from their concept “dream” to the completion of any project.  Typically a homebuyer building a new home works with the builder and contractor.  Harris is often introduced by a builder to a homebuyer or, from homebuyer to contractor at the start of the projects. Often times, the project is a homeowner looking for help with their existing home.  Whatever the introductory process is, the client wants the “wow” factor when they see the job completed. They want to see their concept “dream” every time they walk into their home. This is why Harris gets involved and stays through the end of every project.

Harris, with over 60 years in business and clients, has an impeccable reputation and the confidence to tackle any size and style of job and manage it through to completion.

Harris starts with blueprints and our showroom floor. We interview our client to better understand their dreams and take them through the showroom to get a feel for their likes and color choices. After follow up meetings, we proceed to furniture layouts and project planning.

We meet with our clients to develop a color scheme for the project based on a neutral color pallet for items such as flooring, which plays a big part in the overall look and feel of the project. From there, we build out the project from light and dark neutrals and begin to incorporate the specific color choices of the clients.

If we have the opportunity, we walk through partially built structures to understand the volume of the property and get ideas for lighting and furniture layouts. Many of these details are critical to making good projects better. Our team takes those steps to ensure our client is thoroughly satisfied.

Our next step is to work on estimates from furniture layouts; complete the budget estimates, then start the ordering process.  Initial orders include the tile, carpet, and decorative lighting. After that, the furniture is ordered, with deliveries often in 3 months and less. The process moves on to working with the builder to determine the flooring and lighting installation. Finally, the completion of the wall coverings, furniture delivery and the remaining tasks are handled.  Harris works to ensure the entire team has the client’s goals in mind and each plays their role in completing another successful project.

While there never seems to be a typical project, we pride ourselves on our structure and ability to see every project through to the end.

Interior Design

Harris Home Interiors keeps up with trends by staying current with styles, vendors and mixing traditional ideas with industry fashion for different home settings. We combine both new ideas with stylish trends making a classic home that lasts over 20 years, not just the length of the “trend”.

Still fashionable, there are styles decades old that can be incorporated into today’s interior design. New colors and new trends are mixed to make older more mature properties look up to date and fresh.

At Harris, we are designers with degrees in the design field, not just interior decorators… a fact that sets Harris apart from other companies.  Design is thinking about the whole structure architecturally including scale, proportion and style, not just the applied color matching.  It’s our team and experience that continues to bring in new customers (many from referral) and repeat clients.

The design process has many stages. At the initial interview, we learn about the families and their dreams.   We ask questions, such as, are there children using the home, are there pets, are elderly guests coming to live, all things that can impact the function of a home.  All through the design process, we continue assessing the family and their routines to ensure the design function works with the lifestyle of the family.

We believe understanding and studying the history of styles gives us an advantage in the interior design field. Along with geographic styles, there are international influences in different parts of the country that greatly affect the outcome of the interior and exterior design goals. For example, in the west, there are open-air homes, stucco and great ironwork influences…homes on the east coast are European inspired and in the south, Spanish style homes are much preferred, all have different and unique styles of design. Along with influences from history, other impacts such as weather, access to resources and natural elements can also affect the design.

At Harris Home Interiors, we have the experience to match our clients’ dreams with reality.

Project Management

Harris works with everyone from the builder to the general contractor and homeowners to provide complete project management. The scope of the project also includes working with specialty contractors such as electrical, lighting, flooring and others.

If we come on board during the architectural planning stage, through our design experience, we sometimes are able to offer minor suggestions to the drawings which can make the home more functional. Changing a room by two feet one way or the other may make all the difference in the feel of the project.

We hold team meetings with the builder and homeowner numerous times during the project. Harris and the builder collaborate on developing a complete project schedule to make sure the process stays on time and is within budget.  Some of the simplest of tasks may not take much planning, but when it comes to choosing and ordering cabinets, selecting furniture and fixtures, and delivery, ample lead-time must be planned.  Everyone on the project must be dedicated to the same schedule to ensure the overall timely delivery of the project.

We understand the importance of working with the professionals and specialty contractors and let them do what they do best. Through our experience, we have been able to build trust and respect as we work together to accomplish the various stages of each project.

Floor Walls & Ceilings

When we take on a project at Harris, our experience helps the client with a better understanding of how their project goes together. We utilize our years of note-taking and journals. Often, we tear pages from magazines to share with them making sure we both have a clear picture of their project concept. We take into consideration the whole perspective including the floors, walls and ceilings.

Starting with floors, whether existing or new, choices such as tile, marble, stone, hardwood, bamboo or carpeting are very important to shaping the design of the project. After looking over the many choices, it’s important to see that the selection fits with the walls and ceilings.

These days there are so many fun options with wall coverings so we encourage our clients to imagine the possibilities.  Choices like paint, stone, brick, tin and wallpaper are common, but there is also the possibility of making their own colors and even designing their own wallpaper.

When it comes to surfaces, certain elements have come to be accepted with certain styles. We think of concrete counter tops only for a contemporary home or Asian style home, but we encourage our client to look at expanding the process of thinking about how all the elements are going to make their house uniquely their home. It may include some “thinking outside the box”.  Paying close attention to how these floor to ceiling elements come together helps us to create the special feeling for them as they enter their home.

Ceilings are another unique and very important aspect of the home.  They play a significantly different role in various type houses.   For example, ceilings in a lodge-type home should be specified in the architectural phase since they greatly impact the overall feel of the project, while other more modern ceilings might only have tray ceilings.  Realistically, we love working from the ground up to build the total room.  From the walls to the floors and ceiling, everything comes together to provide the backdrop for those magnificent finishing touches.

Treatments & Installation

Treatments & Installation

Typically it’s the smallest details that often make the biggest impressions. For the past three decades, clients have continued to comment and appreciate our attention to details. That’s what gives us the feeling of a job well done.

Our team of installers pays close attention to the smallest of details. If its making intricate miter cuts on bay window shutters or setting up scaffolding to hang artwork in a 30 foot foyer, we make sure each job is handled with the same attention and care. With years of installation experience, our team has been able to build on that reputation.

All projects are different and all clients have different needs. It’s our job to make sure we deliver on our promises. Having the confidence in our group makes the whole process so much easier. The Harris Interiors team strives to ensure furniture and fixtures are packaged and stored safely prior to delivery. We receive shipments, check for any errors in shipping or damage, and prepare the load for the installation team.

Prior to arriving on job sites, our team has planned and prepared for the delivery and installation process. Many jobs require additional hardware and resources and it’s up to us to make sure that process does not slow down the overall project. While some projects are quite easy, its often the bigger ones that challenge our team.  We take pride in accepting and completing those challenges.

Over the years, our team has the experience of working on so many different projects that we are considered the best installation team in Central Missouri. We have worked with all types of flooring options (tile, carpet, wood, rock), wall treatment options, counter surfaces and cabinet configurations to tin walls and tin roofs (from the inside to out).  Our installation experience runs from the street, through house, out the back all the way to the beautiful lake.

Specialty Services

Very important to us is that we deliver the same quality service… job after job, year after year to our clients. Over time, Harris has developed a niche for being a one-stop shop of specialty services that ultimately saves clients time and money. We are very proud when builders and customers remark on how convenient it is to do everything under one roof.

Our specialty services include; Custom upholstered headboards or entire beds, cornices and valances.  Custom designed furniture, bed coverings, and draperies made locally.  Reupholstering.  Custom picture framing and furniture repair. Custom furniture design includes choices of woods, finishes and hardware.  Harris works with the most experienced and finest wood workers who have built some of our client’s most cherished pieces.

Special items have included custom cabinetry, beds and table bases, ornate ironwork, custom wallpaper. We can take our customer’s’ existing piece of furniture they have had for thirty years and transform it into a new liberated piece saving the client money and bringing them joy to be able to add another 30 years of memories to an already nostalgic piece.

Our installation team is the most dependable and creative in the business. We say creative because many of our clients have large breathtaking homes requiring a team to install proportionally scaled artwork and accessories at any height or location in the home.

Harris’s services are not complete until the last piece of furniture is placed and the last picture is on the wall.