Our ability is to help clients from their concept “dream” to the completion of any project. Typically a homebuyer building a new home works with the builder and contractor. Harris is often introduced by a builder to a homebuyer or, from homebuyer to contractor at the start of the projects. Oftentimes, the project is a homeowner looking for help with their existing home. Whatever the introductory process is, the client wants the “wow” factor when they see the job completed. They want to see their concept “dream” every time they walk into their home. This is why Harris gets involved and stays through the end of every project.

  • Initial Meeting

    We will review blueprints and walk the showroom floor to determine interests of customer.

  • Color Meeting

    Discuss preference of color choices to include neutrals throughout the home as well as specific color choices of each individual client.

  • Design Meeting

    Review house layout, discuss placement for furniture to best utilize the space, and project planning.

  • New Builds

    For partially built or new builds, we discuss lighting solutions and furniture layouts to work best in a new space.

  • Project Implementation

    We will finalize estimates and budgets to begin the ordering process for all materials from functional needs to designer decor.

Harris, since 1990 working in business and with clients, has an impeccable reputation and the confidence to tackle any size and style of job and manage it through to completion.

Harris starts with blueprints and our showroom floor. We interview our client to better understand their dreams and take them through the showroom to get a feel for their likes and color choices. After follow up meetings, we proceed to furniture layouts and project planning.

We meet with our clients to develop a color scheme for the project based on a neutral color pallet for items such as flooring, which plays a big part in the overall look and feel of the project. From there, we build out the project from light and dark neutrals and begin to incorporate the specific color choices of the clients.

If we have the opportunity, we walk through partially built structures to understand the volume of the property and get ideas for lighting and furniture layouts. Many of these details are critical to making good projects better. Our team takes those steps to ensure our client is thoroughly satisfied.

Our next step is to work on estimates from furniture layouts; complete the budget estimates, then start the ordering process.  Initial orders include the tile, carpet, and decorative lighting. After that, the furniture is ordered, with deliveries often in 3 months and less. The process moves on to working with the builder to determine the flooring and lighting installation. Finally, the completion of the wall coverings, furniture delivery and the remaining tasks are handled.  Harris works to ensure the entire team has the client’s goals in mind and each plays their role in completing another successful project.

While there never seems to be a typical project, we pride ourselves on our structure and ability to see every project through to the end.