When we take on a project at Harris, our experience helps the client with a better understanding of how their project goes together. We utilize our years of note-taking and journals. Often, we tear pages from magazines to share with them making sure we both have a clear picture of their project concept. We take into consideration the whole perspective including the floors, walls and ceilings.

Starting with floors, whether existing or new, choices such as tile, marble, stone, hardwood, bamboo or carpeting are very important to shaping the design of the project. After looking over the many choices, it’s important to see that the selection fits with the walls and ceilings.

  • Discuss Possibilities

    We work closely with our clients to get an understanding of how to build to most beautiful and functional space possible.

  • Big Picture

    We take into consideration your whole space including walls, floors and ceiling to bring rooms to life.

  • Unique Pairings

    Mixing brick, stone, color and other materials to bring a room to life.

  • Personal Selection

    Combine different styles and influences from other cultures to make your home uniquely yours.



These days there are so many fun options with wall coverings so we encourage our clients to imagine the possibilities.  Choices like paint, stone, brick, tin and wallpaper are common, but there is also the possibility of making their own colors and even designing their own wallpaper.

When it comes to surfaces, certain elements have come to be accepted with certain styles. We think of concrete countertops only for a contemporary home or Asian style home, but we encourage our client to look at expanding the process of thinking about how all the elements are going to make their house uniquely their home. It may include some “thinking outside the box”.  Paying close attention to how these floor to ceiling elements come together helps us to create a special feeling for them as they enter their home.

Ceilings are another unique and very important aspect of the home.  They play a significantly different role in various type houses.   For example, ceilings in a lodge-type home should be specified in the architectural phase since they greatly impact the overall feel of the project, while other more modern ceilings might only have tray ceilings.  Realistically, we love working from the ground up to build the total room.  From the walls to the floors and ceiling, everything comes together to provide the backdrop for those magnificent finishing touches.