Typically it’s the smallest details that often make the biggest impressions. For the past three decades, clients have continued to comment and appreciate our attention to details. That’s what gives us the feeling of a job well done.

Our team of installers pays close attention to the smallest of details. If it’s making intricate miter cuts on bay window shutters or setting up scaffolding to hang artwork in a 30 foot foyer, we make sure each job is handled with the same attention and care. With years of installation experience, our team has been able to build on that reputation.



All projects are different and all clients have different needs. It’s our job to make sure we deliver on our promises. Having the confidence in our group makes the whole process so much easier. The Harris Interiors team strives to ensure furniture and fixtures are packaged and stored safely prior to delivery. We receive shipments, check for any errors in shipping or damage, and prepare the load for the installation team.

Prior to arriving on job sites, our team has planned and prepared for the delivery and installation process. Many jobs require additional hardware and resources and it’s up to us to make sure that process does not slow down the overall project. While some projects are quite easy, it’s often the bigger ones that challenge our team.  We take pride in accepting and completing those challenges.

Over the years, our team has the experience of working on so many different projects that we are considered the best installation team in Central Missouri. We have worked with all types of flooring options (tile, carpet, wood, rock), wall treatment options, counter surfaces and cabinet configurations to tin walls and tin roofs (from the inside to out).  Our installation experience runs from the street, through the house, out the back all the way to the beautiful lake.