Harris Home Interiors keeps up with trends by staying current with styles, vendors and mixing traditional ideas with industry fashion for different home settings. We combine both new ideas with stylish trends making a classic home that lasts over 20 years, not just the length of the “trend”.

Still fashionable, there are styles decades old that can be incorporated into today’s interior design. New colors and new trends are mixed to make older more mature properties look up to date and fresh.

At Harris, we are designers with degrees in the design field, not just interior decorators… a fact that sets Harris apart from other companies.  Design is thinking about the whole structure architecturally including scale, proportion and style, not just the applied color matching.  It’s our team and experience that continues to bring in new customers (many from referral) and repeat clients.

The design process has many stages.

At the initial interview, we learn about a families needs and their dreams. We ask questions that can impact the function of the home, such as:

  • Are there children present in the home?
  • Are there any pets living in the home?
  • Are elderly guests coming to live?



All through the design process, we continue assessing the family and their routines to ensure the design function works with the lifestyle of the family.

We believe understanding and studying the history of styles gives us an advantage in the interior design field. Along with geographic styles, there are international influences in different parts of the country that greatly affect the outcome of the interior and exterior design goals. For example, in the west, there are open-air homes, stucco and great ironwork influences…homes on the east coast are European inspired and in the south, Spanish style homes are much preferred, all have different and unique styles of design. Along with influences from history, other impacts such as weather, access to resources and natural elements can also affect the design.

At Harris Home Interiors, we have the experience to match our clients’ dreams with reality.