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Home Transformations | Harris Home Interiors

Transform your home into a timeless escape with the help of the designers at Harris Home Interiors. While staying fresh on current designs, as well as incorporating our knowledge of past design trends, we can provide you with a one-of-a-kind home that not only exceeds your needs aesthetically, but also functions cohesively with your family routine as well! It is with our extensive inventory of  products and services, even including custom work, that you can have a home that leaves an unforgettable impression.

When you’re ready to install, our treatment and installation crew will be there for you every step of the way, paying the closest attention to detail. Each install is just as important of an experience to us as it is to you, so you can have nothing but confidence in our work.

Visit our 16,000 ft. showroom today to start planning your own unique escape. With everything from contemporary to traditional, antique to modern, we have something for every style preference.

Office Design by Harris Home Interiors

Featuring – a modern workspace designed exclusively for harboring your best work, completely changing the job experience! Let us take your office dream and turn it into a reality with our hand-selected furniture, artwork and accessories. If you already have something in mind, Harris carries over 500 brands, so if we don’t have it, we can get it. Come visit our showroom for a one-of-a-kind experience and see what we have to offer in products and service, as well as custom work.

You will find Harris Home Interiors to be the destination for all your interior needs or wants, as our builders and customers frequently remark on how convenient it is to do everything under one roof.

Dorinda & Tim King as seen in L•O PROFILE

Dorinda and Tim King were featured in the May/June issue of L•O PROFILE Magazine for their opinion: “What is one secret to cutting costs when building your dream home?”

An experienced designer on the project at the blueprint stage of building can save you thousands of dollars in the duration of the projects. When the homeowner, designer and builder/architect can sit down together in the planning stage, we can provide scaled furniture layouts, appliance, light fixture and cabinet options, just to name a few. This can maximize function, minimize wasted space, and quicken the building time by making crucial decisions in advance. The little things that become an afterthought to most are what we focus on.

Harris Designers have a vast knowledge of products, materials and resources (woods, stones, floorings, etc.) that will achieve the look you want for the least cost. We also provide the painting and lighting schedules room by room for the builder/installers, avoiding costly errors in proportion, scale and color. This pre-build scheduling provides exact locations of wiring for all lighting, floor plugs etc. in coordination with furniture layouts. This alone can save thousands on relocating wires and redoing drywall or worse! For example; to center a chandelier over the dining table so that it doesn’t have to swag, or making sure floor plugs are under furniture and not in the middle of the room, or that a wall switch isn’t in the middle of a picture wall, etc.

Most of our clients are hardworking people who have a business to run and can’t be on the jobsite. Because we work so closely with the client, we can represent them on the jobsite to answer questions that arise when they cannot be there, keeping the process moving smoothly and on schedule. Time is money!

Dorinda King, President and co-owner of Harris Home Interiors, has a BFA in Interior Design from CMSU. She has been in the design field for 31 years and is a 29-year Allied Member of ASID. Tim King, Vice President and co-owner of H.H.I., has 25 years experience in the home interiors field, and oversees scheduling, installation, shipping and receiving.

Harris Home Interiors New Website

Harris Home Interiors is very excited to launch our new website. We hope you find it useful and easy to navigate. We are very excited to share some of our monthly specials and for you to look inside our showroom from afar.

Our Work Recently Featured in LO Profile Magazine

We are very excited that LO Profile Magazine featured our work on a gorgeous home here at Lake of the Ozarks in one of their recent issues. LO Profile Magazine is a well respected publication at Lake of the Ozarks and in the State of Missouri. Profile magazine features the finest of homes and celebrity lifestyles surrounding Central Missouri.

Multicolor Hand Blown Glass Vase

One in Stock • Harris Special Price $269.00 – One of a kind hand blown craftsmanship art glass vase. Measures 23 inches in diameter and 12.5 inches tall. Exquisite… polished, wave shaped lip centerpiece vase with swirl color throughout. The translucent nature of the vase allows light to pass through the outer layers of the glass, illuminating the colorful center. Item available in store purchase only. Call in advance to hold item in your name.

Just for fun – The vase (pronounced /ˈvɑːz/, /ˈveɪs/, or /ˈveɪz/) is an open container, often used to hold cut flowers. It can be made from a number of materials including ceramics and glass. The vase is often decorated and thus used to extend the beauty of its contents. Vases are defined as having a certain anatomy. Lowest is the foot, a distinguishable base to the piece. The design of the base may be bulbous, flat, carinate or another shape. Next, the body, which forms the main and often largest portion of the piece. Resting atop the body is the shoulder, where the body curves inward. Then the neck, where the vase is given more height. Lastly, the lip, where the vase flares back out at the top. All these attributes can be seen in the pictures at right. Many vases are also given handles, though no examples are shown here. Today, the shapes of vases have evolved from the conventional ones to modern designs and shapes. Source Wikipedia

Fawn Brown Leather Couch

One in Stock • Harris Special Price $4,255.00Sold Fawn brown colored leather sofa with cashew colored chenille fabric seat and back cushions. Item available for in-store purchase only. Call in advance to hold item in your name.

Just for Fun – A couch is an item of furniture designed to seat more than one person and providing support for the back and arms. Typically, it will have an armrest on either side. In homes couches are normally found in the family room, living room, den or the lounge. They consist of a wooden or metal structure supplemented by padding and are covered in a variety of textiles, leather, or sometimes a combination of both. They will also be found in hotels and parts of commercial offices, furniture stores, etc.

The term ‘couch’ is used in North America, Australia (most commonly known as a lounge), New Zealand, and sometimes the United Kingdom.Other terms synonymous with the above definition of couch are sofa (derived from the Arabic word suffah), settee and canapé. Source Wikipedia